A History of Quinn's Inn

Quinn's Inn was built in 1865 by John Sandfield MacDonald, who served as Ontario's First Premier, from 1867-1871.

Two years before becoming Premier, Mr. MacDonald built a stagecoach stopover on the site of Quinn's Inn. He was laid to rest directly across from Quinn's Inn in the St. Andrew's Cemetery, one of the oldest in Ontario.

Quinn's Inn in historic St. Andrew's West Located on what was once the main stagecoach route between Montreal, Kingston and Toronto known variously as the Line Road, the King's Road or Dundas Street. It was Macdonald's wish that the basement of the hotel be kept for use by the parishioners for the serving of lunches after wedding and funerals.

The building continued in operation as a hotel until it was gutted by fire in 1879 and was purchased by William and Elizabeth Masterson in 1895, who it is believed, renovated the interior. The building opened under their management as a store, barber's shop and post office a few years later. In 1924 Frank Quinn became owner, followed by his sons Maynard, Alfred and Ernest in 1948. It continued as a general store until 1989 when it was purchased and historically restored by the Quinn family.

Currently Quinn's Inn is owned and operated by the Belmore Family, and we are delighted to serve you.

If you would like to know why the pub is called MORDECAI'S, it's to immortalize a golf tourney tradition the current owner was once responsible for, to put it very vaguely.

Quinn's Inn
17329 Kings Road & Highway 138
St. Andrew's West, Ontario
Phone: 613-936-1865 or 1-866-828-8380